Brittany and Brandon's DIY and Joyful Wedding

Brittany and Brandon are the kind of couple that seems truly meant to be. These two are fun loving, adventurous, and madly in love with each other. It's not only evident in the way that they talk about each other, it's also in the the way that Brittany's eyes light up when Brandon's around or the way that Brandon would sigh and have the happiest look on his face any time that Brittany was near him. This day featured so many hand made details, from the Brittany's dress, to the Bridesmaid's dresses and every single napkin that was hand folded and placed with care.Their wedding at Joyful Ranch was was just that, totally joyful. Surrounded by family, friends, and one of the best looking bridal parties around, they celebrated their love well into the night, including myself being surrounded by guests during the epic dance party! Thank you Brittany and Brandon for asking me to be part of such a magical day, and thank to my awesome assistant Natali for dancing, laughing, and shooting with me all day long!