James and Kali's Napa Love Story

Do you remember this awesome couple that worked with Rory and me? Well, they're love-filled session is ready for viewing and I'm so excited to share! We started the day at Andretti Winery in Napa and laughed over flights of Reds. Our tasting room attendant was so funny and charming, he made Kali and James laugh which is always a great thing for photos! With both Rory and myself following these two around with our cameras, many visitors of the winery that day even thought that Kali and James were celebrities! They took the paprazzi in stride though, and I'm so happy with how their session turned out.

Thank you Kali and James for being such good sports, thank you Rory for giving me another reason to work with this cute couple, and thanks to all three of them for agreeing to get Falafel after the session!